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Q. How do I get directions to the meets?
 Use the CIAC app, this website, the FCIAC website, the invitational's website or the Staples Handbook. The CIAC app and FCIAC site can be reached from our home page.

Q. How do I find the team at an invitational?
Look for the white tent top with Staples Cross Country written on it in navy blue letters.

Q. How do I find out when my runner is competing?
. First ask your runner! If they don't know, they should ask their coach or captain. Then check the meet website. There is usually a time schedule for varsity, JV and novice races for all invitationals.

Q. What does FCIAC stand for?
A sports conference in our county, FAIRFIELD COUNTY INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC CONFERENCE.There are three divisions: west, central and east. Staples belongs to the central division. See the FCIAC website

Q. How is a meet scored?
The top seven runners for each school are involved in the score. The team score is the total of their top five finishers' places. Finishers 6 and 7 are considered displacers. They push other teams top five back in places.  The lowest team score wins. 

For example:  The total team score is 30 when the top five runners finish   1    5   7    8    9    and the next two who only displace finish 12   15.

If we are running a JV team, the subsequent seven Staples runners are scored in the same manner for the JV team.

Q. Where can I shop for running shoes?
A. The best suggestions for shoe shopping come from the experienced runners on the team. Have your runner talk to the seniors and captains!

Locally, there are a few retailers
ASF Sports & Outdoors in Westport
Runners Roost in Darien

Online retailers

Q. Where can I find out my runner's finishing time?
If your runner did not receive/hear their time at the end of the race, the results are available from their coach or on the meet website.

Q. What is the end of season banquet?
It is an event, usually a luncheon or dinner for coaches, runners, various team supporters AND family members. It is a chance for each runner to be acknowledged. Don’t miss it!