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"Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater."
Emil Zatopek
All New England
Henry Wynne and Hannah DeBalsi
Henry Wynne NE Champion
Henry Wynne - 2012 New England
 Cross Country Champion
h and h
Wynne and DeBalsi at New Englands 
New England Championships
Henry Wynne - New England Champion
Hannah DeBlasi runs 19:32 & places 11th

CT Post    CT Track & Field Video of Girls Race
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Boys Finish Line Video
Girls Finish Line Video
Hannah DeBalsi, 11th place at New Englands
boys at NEs
Pictured(l to r): Hickson, Wynne, Elkind, Payne, Cohen, Nolan, Russi
Congratulations to the boys, who qualified
as a team for the first time in a long time, and finished 9th.
Henry Wynne 1st
Oliver Hickson 89th
Patrick Nolan 92nd
Peter Elkind 112th
Marcus Russi 182nd
Brad Payne 188th
Sam Cohen 238th
DeBalsi at Nes
Hannah with a little post race mud.
at NEs
Staples Boys and Coaches
Does this need a caption?
CIAC Open Championships
Girls Results  Boys Results
Henry Wynne captures State Open Title; Boys Place 5th
DeBalsi 16th - First Freshman to finish
The Hour Staples Results
Girls Boys
Hannah DeBalsi 16th
Erica Hefnawy 120th
Henry Wynne 1st
Patrick Nolan 35th
Oliver Hickson 41st
Peter Elkind 105th
Marcus Russi 110th
Sam Cohen 116th
Brad Payne 142nd

CIAC Class LL Meet
Results   Girls   Boys
Girls Boys
Hannah DeBalsi 2nd
Erica Hefnawy 29th
Katherine Smith 53rd
Georgia Kursten 85th
Caroline Corbally 89th
Angelee Parmar 92nd
Alexandra O'Kane 95th

Henry Wynne 1st
Oliver Hickson 31st
Patrick Nolan 47th
Peter Elkind 63rd
Samuel Cohen 84th
Jake Berman 91st
Brad Payne 118th
Bethel JV Invitational
Results Boys Girls
Start of the girl's race. Photo Credit: Stacey Konowitz

All FCIAC Runners
First Team All FCIAC
Hannah DeBalsi
Henry Wynne
Oliver Hickson
Patrick Nolan
Sam Cohen
Second Team All FCIAC
Erica Hefnawy
Peter Elkind
FCIAC Champioships
Boys take 2nd;Girls are 8th
Wynne sets course record; loads of PRs set

Complete Results   Photos
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The Stamford Advocate   CT Post   The Hour  
Westport Daily Voice
Boys Girls
DeBalsi makes her move from 4th to 3rd on the final hill. 
Photo Credit: Mary Hanrahan
Henry Wynne leads the pack in the varsity race.  Photo Credit: Keith Stein

Girls Varsity(l to r) Watson,DeBalsi,Smith,O'Kane,Corbally,Hefnawy,Kursten, Lawrence, Parmar,Parrish & Koenig. Not pictured: Smithson 
fciac boys
Boys Varsity(l to r) Watson, W.Marsh, Elkind, Wynne, P.Nolan,
Hickson, Cohen, Russi, Lawrence (Not pictured: Paine)
@Home 10/9
Staples v Warde, Westhill & Central
Results   Photos     It's All AOK
Boys  16-2 Girls  13-5
Staples 27,  Warde30
Staples 15, Westhill 50
Staples15,  Central 50
Warde 23, Staples 33
Staples 27, Westhill 32
Staples 15, Central 50
laddie still rides
Laddie passes Brad Payne Photo Credit: Mike Corbally
Marsh, Russi, Berman and McDonald. Photo Credit: Mike Corbally
more senior day
Corbally, Kursten,O'Kane and Smith on the upper part of the course.
Photo credit: Mike Corbally

boys start
 Cohen, Marsh, Nolan, Payne, Hickson & Wynne at the start of today's race.
Photo Credit: Angela Nolan
Staples Cross Country Video
Brought to you by Griffin Stein
Wickham Invitational
DeBalsi and Wynne victorius
  Photos by MySportsResults
Girls Boys
Freshman Freshman
Varsity Varsity
@Greenwich 10/2
Staples v Darien, New Canaan, McMahon & Greenwich
Results    Photos   It's All AOK
greenwich meet
Up the first hill at the Greenwich meet. Photo Credit: Keith Stein
Boys 13-2 Girls 11-4
Darien 22, Staples 36
Staples 18, Greenwich 41
Staples 18,  Harding 47
Staples 15, McMahon 50
Darien 24, Staples 31
Staples 27,  New Canaan 28
Greenwich 26, Staples 31
Staples 19, McMahon 45
greenwich meet
After the first turn at the Greenwich meet. Photo Credit: Mike Corbally
@Ludlowe 9/24
Staples v Ludlowe, Norwalk, Harding & Stamford
varsity girls
DeBalsi, Hefnawy, O'Kane and Corbally out hard. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Results   Photos
Boys 10-1 Girls 9-2
Staples 15,  Ludlowe 50
Staples 17, Norwalk 45
Staples 15,  Harding 50
Staples 15, Stamford 50
Staples 21, Ludlowe 36
Staples 17,  Norwalk 46
Staples 15, Harding 50
Staples 15, Stamford 50
varsity boys
The start of the varsity boy's race. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Stratton Brook Invitational
Girls place 5th; Boys 3rd
Results  Photos  Girl's Video Boy's Video
girls v
DeBalsi in the lead pack. Photo Credit: Mike Corbally
boys v
Staples top boy's finisher, Peter Elkind. Photo Credit: Keith Stein
@ Danbury, Tarrywile Park 9-19
Photos  Results
Boys Varsity Start
Varsity Boys on the path at Tarrywile Park. Photo Credit: Keith Stein
Boys 6-1
Danbury 22, Staples 34
Staples 15,  Ridgefield 50
Staples 15,  St Josephs 50
Girls  5-2
Staples 27,  Danbury 28
Ridgefield 20, Staples 41
Staples 15, St Josephs 50
girls varsity start
Girls Varsity at the start.  Photo Credit: Stacey Konowitz
Boys & Girls Open @ Home
September 11th
Opening the Season with Inspiration from Little Tom
girls varsity season opener
Girls varsity lead pack. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
season opener
Wynne leads boys varsity season opener. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Both Teams Start Strong
Photos  Results
Boys 4-0
Staples 23, Wilton 37
Staples 19, Trumbull 38
Staples 15, Trinity 50
Staples 15, Bassick 50
Girls 3-1
Staples 39 , Wilton 20
Staples 25, Trumbull 32
Staples 15, Trinity 50
Staples 15, Bassick 50

Blue/White Meet

Boys before the rain at the Blue White.Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Girls Start at Blue White. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Together with Caroline Koenig, Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Season Info
Wreckords & Awards
Boys' Outdoor Records
Girls' Outdoor Records
Boys' Indoor Records
Girls' Indoor Records
Per Haarr Memorial Relay Records
Lawrence Scholarship/Alumni Run
Scholar Athlete Award Winners
Most Valuable Runner
Hannah DeBalsi
Henry Wynne
Coaches' Award
Alexandra O'Kane
Patrick Nolan

Scholar Athlete
Caroline Corbally
Marcus Russi

Boys Team
Girls Team
First Team
Hannah DeBalsi
Henry Wynne
Oliver Hickson
Patrick Nolan
Sam Cohen
Second Team
Erica Hefnawy
Peter Elkind
Captains for 2011
Boys Team
Will McDonald
Peter Elkind
Girls Team
Kellen Smithson
Caroline Koenig
Laddie Lawrence - Head Coach
Andrew Lawrence - Assistant Coach
Amanda Parrish - Assistant Coach
Malcolm Watson - Assistant Coach
Mik Kulis - Volunteer Coach
2012 girls captains
A. O'Kane, G. Kursten, C. Corbally
boys caps

M. Russi, S. Cohen, H. Wynne
Our Seniors
Our Senior Boys
Doug Caffery
Sam Cohen
Charlie Cross
Christopher Driscoll
Alex Ellman
Casey Hausman
Max Kurzner
Walker Marsh
Patrick Nolan
Brad Payne
Marcus Russi
Henry Wynne
Our Senior Girls
Sydney Bibicoff
Caroline Corbally
Rebecca Konowitz
Georgia Kursten
Alexandra O'Kane
Bridget Johnson
Emily Troelstra
xc senior girls cc
2012 senior girls
2012 senior gk
2012 seniors hw
2012 seniors pn
2012 seniors rk