Block S
" Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater."
~ Emil Zatopek

New England Scholastic Championship

Complete Results

Ellis at New Englands.  Photo Credit: B.Walters/StaplesRunning

If I left your name of or misspelled it, let me know.
Competitor/Event  Results
Ahmad/1600 3rd/4:15.07 
Seiple/3200 3rd/9:13.19
Ellis/HJ 5th/J6-05.00
Fuori/Javelin 13th/159-07

Seiple at New Englands. Photo Credit: B.Walters/StaplesRunning

CIAC Open Championship

Boys Take 5th
Complete Results
If I left your name of or misspelled it, let me know.
Competitor/Event  Results
Larkin/100 13th/11.44
Larkin/200 13th/22.73
Ahmad/1600 1st/4:16.99 
Landowne/1600 8th4:22.65
Harrington/3200 15th/9:51.37
Seiple/3200 4th/9:21.69
4x400 14th/3:29.71
4x800 8th/8:00.90
Ellis/HJ 4th/6-02.00
Strouse/Discus 22nd/114-08
Fuori/Javelin 5th/165-00
Cua/Javelin 19h/147-00


Manchester & New Britain
Boys Win!!!; Girls Finish 21st

2017 Class LL Boy's Champions! Photo Credit: W.MacCordy
Complete Results
If I left your name of or misspelled it, let me know.
Competitor/Event  Results
Neckritz/Javelin 6th/100-09
Larkin/100 4th/11.35
Larkin/200 3rd/23.06
Ahmad/1600 1st/4:18.44 
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:19.63
Harrington/3200 3rd/9:23.64
Seiple/3200 4th/9:24.60
Ahmad/3200 6th/9:33.70
4x400 4th/3:26.80
4x800 2nd/8:01.36
Ellis/HJ 4th/6-02.00
Strouse/SP 8th/42-10.50
Strouse/Discus 4th/127-11
Fuori/Javelin 1st/168-03
Cua/Javelin 5th/157-00

Girl's FCIAC Championships

Danbury High School
 Girls Finish 10th
Complete Results
Competitor/Event  Results
E.McCambley/3200 8th/11:59.53
Fernandez/HJ 2nd/5-00.00
Bartie/SP 5th/31-06.00
Prince/Javelin 5th/99-10
Neckrtiz/Javelin 7th/97-04
Bartie/Javelin 8th/97-02

Boy's FCIAC Championships

Ridgefield High School
Boys Place Second
Complete Results

Anticipation in the relay zone. Photo Credit: B.Walters
Competitor/Event  Results
Larkin/100M 3rd/11.22
Larkin/200M 6th/22.89
Ahmad/1600 1st/4:21.73
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:23.13
Teran/1600 6th/4:39.74
Ahmad/3200 1st/9:22.65
Seiple/3200 4th/9:28.04
Harrington/3200 6th/9:35.87
Boys 4x400 3rd/3:27.93
Boys 4x800 3rd/8:22.14
Ellis/HJ 6th/5-10.00
Keeton/PV 8th/11-06
Strouse/SP 3rd/46-00.5
Gladstone/SP 8th/42-02.00
Strouse/Discus 3rd/123-04
Fuori/Discus 4th/115-05
Fuori/Javelin 2nd/164-02
Strouse/Javelin 6th/140-05
Cua/Javelin 7th/140-03

Dream Invitational

Danbury HS
Complete Results
Competitor/Event  Results
Macordy/800M 8th/1:58.47
Ahmad/1 Mile 1st/4:15.27
Seiple/1 Mile 5th/4:21.36
Landowne/1 Mile 8th/4:21.83
Green/2 Mile 4th/10:04.33

Freshman Invitational

Danbury HS
Boys Team Takes 2nd

The Second Place Boys Freshman Photo Credit: Doug Fierro

At the Freshman Invite Photo Credit: Doug Fierro

Greater Hartford

Simsbury HS
Strong performances despite the weather!

Staples boys in the Greater Hartford 1600M.
Photo Credit: C.Kaplan/StaplesRunning

Competitor/Event  Results
 Chet Ellis/HJ  CHAMPION  1st/6'-2.0"
  Wright/1600  7th/4:34.21
 Lorenz/1600   8th/4:35.39
 Larkin/400M  3rd/5188
W Zielke 8th/52.77
MacCordy 8th/2:02.93
C. Myers/3200M 4th/9:43.72
S. Green/3200M 7th/9:45.68
Boys 4x400 4th/3:33.26
Gladstone/Shot Put 6th/41'08.00
Fuori/Javelin 5th/161'11.00"
Cua/Javelin 6th/153'03.00"

The Loucks Games

White Plains, NY
Boys Results
Girls Results

Another school record bites the dust...Congratulations to Zak Ahmad, the new Staples 3200M record holder!

Ahmad, pictured here post race with last year's captains, ran an awesome 8:58.56 for 3200M at the Loucks Games.
Photo Credit: B. Walters/StaplesRunning

O'Grady Relays

Danbury HS
Large School Results
Boys 4th, Girls 10th
Full Results

Chet Ellis, Haney Haas and Corey Hausman at The O'Grady Relays Photo Credit: N.Hausmann/StaplesRunning

Competitor/Event  Results
Girls 800M SMR 4th/1:54.32
Boys 4x1600 4th/19:07.73
Girls Javelin Relay - Prince, Neckirtz, Bartie      champion 1st/276-10
Boys 4x400 4th/3:29.44
Boys 4x800 3rd/8:22.44
Boys DMR 8th/11:03.83
Boys HJ Relay 6th/15-10-00
Boys Shot Put Relay 4th/121-09.25
Boys Javelin Relay 2nd/441-11
Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay 8th/1:2086

Viking Invitational

Bethesda, MD
13 individual, 2 relay entries head to Maryland.

Bloomfield Invitational

Bloomfield HS

Hillhouse Invitational

Bowen Field, Hillhouse HS



More Awards
Block "S" Award
Co-MVP - Zakeer Ahmad
Co-MVP - Samuel Larkin

Plaque "S" Award
Coaches - Angus Fuori
Scholar-Athlete Award - Wesley Zielke
Laddie Lawrence Scholarship Award
Boys - Samuel Larkin
Girls - Samantha Little

Devore-Wolgast Recognition Award - Gabriel Holm
Come Back of the Year Award
Brandon Harrington
2018 Captains Elect
Brandon Cua
Sunil Green
Will Landowne
Christian Myers
Benjamin Seiple

Block S MVP
Ivy Prince
Block S Dedication Award
Samantha Little
Staples Scholar Athlete
Sarah Neckritz
2018 Captains
Amanda Neckritz
Leah Robins
Lana Whittleton
Molly Mahoney
India Fernandez

FCIAC Results

4-3 NewCanaan 74,Staples 71

4-18 Staples100 Darien 50
4-20 Staples 99 NC 51
Staples108 Westhill 42
Staples126 Central 24
Staples 50 Danbury 100
Staples 66 Trumbull 84
Staples 87 Ridgefield 63
Staples 127 Stamford 22
Staples 111, Greenwich 39

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May 30th

Wreckords & Awards

Boys 3200M Record

Continuing a stellar high school career, Zak Ahmad ran 8:58.56 at The Loucks Games breaking Henry Wynne's four year old 3200M record.

Laddie Lawrence-Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray- Girl's Coach
Sam Little
Susie Martin
Sarah Neckritz
Ivy Prince
Zak Ahmad
Brian MacCordy
Wesley Zielke