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"Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater. "
--Emil Zatopek
Time for a Rest
...Unless you're running cross country. In that case, it's pre-season.
Brooks PR
Hannah DeBalsi runs an UNREAL 9:55.05 2 mile!!!
New Staples, Connecticut, New England, and
 National Sophomore Record
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Photos below are courtesy of Brooks PR Invitational
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Congratulations to Our Seniors
If I left your name off or misspelled it in the results below, please let me know.
Our Senior Girls Our Senior Boys
Camilla Broccolo
Katherine Lieder
Kelly Guarhian
Greer Hardy
Caitlin Hartmann
Christina Kennedy
Caroline Koenig
Tyler Scanlin
Kellen Smithson
Lazaro Alvarado
David Dickison
Justin Donlon
Peter Elkind
Tyler Finley
Robert Jacowleff
Victor Kolbin
Will McDonald
Steven Nelson
William Nolan
Steven Sobel
Griffin Stein
Gene Tsai
Riatan Ufomaduh
Jansen Van Arsdale
Nick Ward

 Watch the Baccalaureate Happy Song


CIAC Multi & Steeple Championships
Complete Results 
If I left your name off or misspelled it in the results below, let me know.
Competitor/Event Result
W. Nolan/Decathlon 40th/2362
Jacowleff/Decathlon 12th/2787
Kolbin/2K Steeple 6th/6:54.66
McDonald/2k Steeple 14th/7:16.02
Kulis/2k Steeple  26th/7:28.33
L. Foster/2k Steeple  28th/7:29.96  
C.Teran/2k Steeple  36th/7:49.93 
Harrington/3K Steeple  2nd/10:14.37 
B Foster/3K Steeple 6th/10:28.75
Ahmad/3K Steeple  9th/10:49.60 
Landy/3K Steeple 25th/11:14.80

National Championships
Hannah DeBalsi wins the 2 Mile;
DMR places second and sets school record

Complete Results Photos

DeBalsi,Hefnawy,Weiner,Scanlin and Assistant Coach Amanda Morgan
Photo Credit: Sara Bassett

New England Championships
Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800 4th/8:03.05
Hickson/Boys 1600M 6th/4:19.42
Bravo/HJ 5th/6-03.00
J.Lewis800M 5th/1:54.96
Bravo/LJ 6th/21-01.50

CIAC Opens
Girls 2nd;Boy's 14th
GameTime CT Photos
Hannah DeBalsi lowered her 1600M mark in
a race where 7 athletes went under 5 minutes!
Olivia Wiener resets her Jav record.

Competitor/Event Result
DeBalsi/Girls 1600M *school record* 2ndt/4:47.50
Hickson/Boys 1600M 8th/4:19.94
Jacowleff/300IH 8th/40.69
Scanlin/Girls 800M 5th/2:18.13
E Hefnawy/Girls 800M 3rd/2:16.79
DeBalsi/Girls 3200M 1st/10:24.06
O Wiener/Girls 300IH 5th/47.46
O Wiener/ Girls Javelin *school record* 2nd/127-06
Van Dorsten /Girls TJ  7th/35-02.00
R Schachne/Girls Jav 4th/106-11
J Lewis/ Boys 800M  5th/1:56.29
Jacowleff/300IH 2nd/39.45
A Bravo/ Boys HJ  6th/6-00.00
Boys 4x800 4th/7:59.23

Girls Win;Boy's 7th
Results New! Photos
CT Post     GameTime

Start of the Girls 4x8 Photo Credit: Ed Martin

Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800 5th/ 8:19.60
Girls 4x800 5th /9:56.52
DeBalsi/Girls 1600M *meet record* 1st/4:53.29
Hickson/Boys 1600M 6th/4:23.23
Jacowleff/HH 5th/15.90
Scanlin/Girls 800M *school record* 2nd/2:13.98
E Hefnawy/Girls 800M 3rd/2:15.00
DeBalsi/Girls 3200M *meet record* 1st/10:27.59
Parmar/Girls 3200M 8th/12:01.69
O Weiner/Girls 300IH 1st/45.28
O Weiner/ Girls Javelin 1st/118-08
Knoll/ Girl's HJ 2nd/5-02.00
van Dorsten/Girls HJ 4th/5-00.00
Knoll/Girls LJ 6th/16-01.50
Van Dorsten /Girls TJ  4th/34-05.00
R Schachne/Girls Jav 4th/106-11
J Lewis/ Boys 800M  3rd/1:56.16
Jacowleff/300IH 2nd/39.45
A Bravo/ Boys HJ  5th/6-00.00
W Nolan/ Boys PV 6th/J12-06.00
A Bravo / Boys LJ  /21-02.00

Freshman Invitational
Assistant Coach Malcolm Watson and the freshman boys.
Photo Credit: Dawn Shmaruk

FCIAC Championships
Photos   Results  GameTime  NewsTimes
Girl's 2nd; Boys 6th
Girls set three school records:
 800M(Hefnawy runs 2:16.72)
1600M(Hannah DeBalsi 4:49.27)

Competitor/Event Result
L.Giannitti/Girl's 200M 8th/27.33
E Hefnawy/Girls 800M *school record* 2nd/2:16.72
T.Scanlin/Girl's 800M 4th/2:18.52
DeBalsi/1600M   *school record* 2nd/4:49.27
DeBalsi/3200M 2nd/10:39.19
O Weiner/300IH 2nd/47.58
Girls 4x400 *school record*
E.Hefnawy, O.Wiener, K.Lieder, T.Scanlin
Girl's 4x800 5th/9:50.50
Girl's 4x100 4th/50.76
Van dorsten/HJ 1st/5-04.00
Knoll/HJ j2nd/5-04.00
Schachne/HJ 6th/4-10.00
Corde/PV T5th/8-00.0
Levenson/PV T5th/8-00.0
Knoll/LJ 4th/16-05.00
Van Dorsten/TJ 3rd/34-02.00
O.Wiener/Javelin 2nd/121-08
R Schachne/Javelin 7th /98-05
J Lewis/Boys 800M 2nd/1:54.89
Cruz/Boy's 800M 7th/2:00.23
Hickson/Boy's 1600M 8th/4:30.20
Hickson/3200M 6th/9:26.59
Jacowleff/HH 3rd/15.54
Jacowleff/IH 1st/39.35
Boy's 4x100  6th /45.24
Boy's 4x400 6th/3:35.48
Boy's 4x800 3rd/8:15.83
Bravo/ HJ 5th/5-10.00
W Nolan 5th/12-00.00
Bravo/HJ  8th/19-06.00
Teske/Discus 6th/117-03
Greater Hartford Open
Staples wins Large Division!
Complete Results 
 If I left your name off or misspelled it in the results below, let me know.
Competitor/Event Result
J.Lewis/800 2nd / 1:56.52
Elkind/ 800 6th/1:59.17
Hickson/1600 2nd/4:26.73
Berman/1600  7th /4:33.34 
Gornbein/3200 4th/9:57.54
G. Foster/3200 5th/9:58.58
Jacowleff/HH 3rd/15.86
Jacowleff/IH 2nd/40.17
Boys 4x100 3rd/44.34
Boys  4x400 1st/3:31.52
Boys 4x800 8th/8:49.31
W Nolan/PV 5th/11-06.00
A Bravo/LJ 2nd/21-02.50
S Sobel/Javelin 5th/153-00

Loucks Games
 DMR & Wiener win; Girls 6th and Set 2 Records!
Complete Girl's Results 
Senior Captain Kellen Smithson running the 4x800. Photo credit: Martin.
If I left your name off or misspelled it, let me know.
Competitor/Event Result
Girl's DMR - E.Hefnawy, O.Wiener, Scanlin, Debalsi 1st/11:54
Girl's 4x800 Martin, French, Smithson, Tanzer 8th/10:09.44
T.Scanlin/ 800M   *School record*  14th /2:16.84 
O. Weiner/Javelin *school record* 1st/125-05
 Knoll/HJ T8th/5-00.00
R. Schachne/Javelin 7th/108.07

Middletown Invitational
Boys place 3rd; Girls 8th
JV Results
Varsity Results
If I left your name off or misspelled it in the results below, let me know.
Competitor/Event Result
William Nolan/PV T10th
Anthony Bravo/LJ 6th/
Elizabeth Knoll/HJ 2nd
Bridget Van dorsten/HJ T5th
Anthony Bravo/TJ T12th
Olivia Wiener/Javelin 1st
Reece Schachne/Javelin 7th
Tyler Scanlin/400  2nd
Katherine Lieder/400  15th
Olivia Wiener/300 IM  5th
Robert Jacowleff/300 IM  5th
Susannah Martin/800  6th
Luis Cruz/800  2nd
Erica Hefnawy/1600  4th
Peter Elkind / 1600 5th
Chase Gornbein /1600 11th
Ben Foster/1600  16th
Angelee Parmar /3200 15th
Oliver Hickson/3200 **Meet record** 1st
Jake Berman / 3200 7th
 Brandon Harrington/3200 10th
Boys 4x400  4th

Penn Relays
DeBalsi wins 3K; Girl's 4x400 runs 4:05.57
Complete Meet Info
Photos  Photos from DyeStat
Penn Relays photos 1  2 3 4 5
DeBalsi leading the 3K.
Photo credit: Sara Bassett
Bloomfield Invitational
Olivia Wiener wins Jav; sets meet record.
Schachne, Mall and Corde also score
Complete Results

New! Team Lawrence
The newest addition to Team Lawrence is Lily! Here she is, one day old, pictured with Laddie. If you click on the photo, you'll see a few more images.
team lawrence

Updated! End of Season News

Captains Elect 2015
Jake Berman/
Luis Cruz
Oliver Hickson

Block "S" Most Valuable
Bobby Jacowleff
Block "S" Coaches
Will McDonald
Laddie Lawrence Scholarship Winners
Bobby Jacowleff
Tyler Scanlin
For complete by greade, by event awards, check this

Co-Coaches Award

Kellen Smithson & Katherine Lieder
Erica Hefnawy
Olivia Wiener
Hannah DeBalsi
Tyler Scanlin
Read more about the season, All Americans, records and more at the Complete Season Wrap Up  

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Dual Meet Results

Staples 118.5 Greenwich 31.5
Staples 88 McMahon 52,
Staples 107 Central 30 and
McMahon 102 Central 31 
Danbury 107 Staples 43
Staples 143 Bassick 6

Staples 75 Norwalk 75
Staples 117 Harding 33

Staples 97 Trumbull 53
Staples 109 Westhill 41
Staples 81 Darien 69
Ridgefield 99 Staples 51
Ridgefield 95 Darien 54

4/28 Girls v Bassick and Danbury
5/12 Girls v Westhill and Trumbull
Wreckords & Awards
Laddie Lawrence- Head Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray - Head Girl's Coach

(l to r) Tyler Scanlin, Kellen Smithson, Caroline Koenig

Bobby Jacowleff, Peter Elkind,Will McDonald, Jack Scott