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"Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater."
-  Emil Zatopek, Olympic Gold Medalist in 5k, 10k, & marathon
NB National Outdoor T&F Championships
Wynne 2nd in Mile; SMR 5th - All Americans!

Wynne runs 1:52.15 to anchor record setting SMR!

Competitor/Event Result
Lexie Schachne/Pole Vault 14th/11-10.75
Boys 4x200
Heil, M. Hoberman, Hoffman, Z. Mitchell
Boys SMR ***school record & All American***
Hoffman, Z Mitchell, Heil, Wynne
Henry Wynne/Mile 2nd/4:11

CIAC Steeplechase & Decathlon Championships
Results  Photos
The 2012 Steeple Crew. Photo Credit: Justin Driscoll
Competitor/Event Result
Aiden McConnell/Decathlon 4th/5070pts
Mik Kulis/3000M Steeplechase   6th/10:02.08
Marcus Russi/3000M Steeplechase   37th/10:53.17
Sam Cohen/3000M Steeplechase   46th/11:10.68
Brad Payne/3000M Steeplechase   49th/11:16.52
Peter Elkind/2000M Steeplechase   10th/6:56.99
Walker Marsh/2000M Steeplechase   35th/7:26.69
William McDonald/2000M Steeplechase   36th/7:29.34
Oliver Hickson/2000M Steeplechase   41st/7:38.97
Jake Berman/2000M Steeplechase 46th/7:48.43
Christopher Driscoll /2000M Steeplechase   48th/7:55.44
Max Kurzner /2000M Steeplechase   49th/7:58.05

New England Track & Field Championships
Results  boys  girls
Photos     Staples Track Videos    Interview w Henry
Henry Wynne/1600M video 1st/4:13.33
Lexie Schachne/PV 4th/11-09.00
Max Hoberman/TJ video 7th/43-10.50
Boys 4x400
M Hoberman,Z Mitchell, Wynne,Heil
video 2nd/3:19.37
Ethan Bradeen/HJ   11th/6-00.00

CIAC Open Track & Field Championships
Complete Results    Photos   Staples Track Videos 
The Hour  CTPost
 Boys 2nd; Wynne double champion
Girls 32nd;Schachne advances
Weather conditions varied as the meet progressed.
dry early
Marsh leads the 4x800 while the weather was dry.
Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan

misha lexie
As Strage and Schachne started their events, the rain came.
Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Wynne leads a rainy 1600M for first of his two titles. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
M Hoberman triple jumps during a break in the rain.
Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
McConnell throws the javelin in a downpour. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan

Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800
Marsh, Kulis, Elkind,P Nolan
video 7th/8:07.95
Boys 4x100
Heil, M Hoberman, Hoffman, Z Mitchell
video 14th/44.41
Henry Wynne/1600M video 1st/4:12.73
Jon Heil/400M video 8th/50.56
Emily Troelstra/300IH video 24th/55.94
Alex Popkin/800M video 13th/2:23.45
Henry Wynne/800M video 1st/1:54.08
Robert Jacowleff/300IH 21st/43.21
Lexie Schachne/PV   2nd/11-00.00
Dean Hefnawy/PV 3rd/13-00.00
Aidan McConnell/Jav   9th/157-01
Tucker Rizzi/Jav 15th/147-11
Max Hoberman/TJ video 3rd/44-07.00
Ethan Bradeen/HJ video 5th/6-00.00
Misha Strage/TJ   25th/31-09.25
David Hoffman/200M video 16th/23.19
Girls 4x400  
Popkin, Mullen, Troelstra, Scanlin
video 9th/4:05.49
Boys 4x400
M Hoberman,Z Mitchell, Wynne,Heil

CIAC Class LL Championships
Boys Win Class LL Title!!!
Wynne runs 4:10.35 for 1600M;takes 1st & sets Class LL record;
Comes back to win 800M too.
Hefnawy wins PV
Girls Place 7th at Class LL
Schachne wins PV; sets Class LL record
Troelstra wins 300HH
Girl's 4x4 sets school record   
Complete Results  Photos  Video  CT Post
boys class ll champs
2012 Boys Class LL Outdoor Track & Field Champs.
Photo credit: Jeff Mitchell
Hefnawy vaults 13'-00 and wins PV. Photo credit: Angela Nolan.
Schachne sets Class LL meet record & captures title with vault of 12'-00. Photo credit: Angela Nolan.
Troelstra enters the home stretch in the 300M hurdles.

*meets automatic qualifying standard

Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800   9th/8:12.79*
Girls 4x100   8th/51.27
Boys 4x100 Video 6th/44.01*
Henry Wynne/1600M  New Meet Record Video 1st/4:10.35*
Tyler Scanlin/400M   7th/59.89
Aiden McConnell/LJ   8th/19-03.5
Jack Gibson/SP   6th/45-05.50
Jon Heil/400M Video 3rd/50.45*
Emily Troelstra/300IH Video 1st/45.27*
Alex Popkin/800M   4th/2:20.22
Henry Wynne/800M Video 1st/1:54.20*
Robert Jacowleff/100HH Video 7th/16.17
Robert Jacowleff/300IH Video 5th/42.53
Lexie Schachne/PV New Meet Record   1st/12-00.00
Dean Hefnawy/PV 1st/13-00.00J
Matt Mula/PV   2nd/13-00.00J
Aidan McConnell/PV   6th/12-00.00
Alex Lochoff/PV   8th/11-06.0
Aidan McConnell/Jav Video 4th/160-01
Jonathan Friedman/Jav   6th150-00
Tucker Rizzi/Jav   5th/158-04
Max Hoberman/TJ Video 3rd/43-07.75*
Ethan Bradeen/HJ   3rd/6-04.00*
Misha Strage/TJ   5th/33-02.50
David Hoffman/200M Video 4th/23.28
Girls 4x400   New School Record   3rd/4:01.67*
Boys 4x400 Video 2nd/3:21.66*
All FCIAC Outdoor Track and Field Athletes
Emily Troelstra
Alex Popkin
Tyler Scanlin
Courtney Mullen
Lexie Schachne
Henry Wynne
Jon Heil
Max Hoberman
David Hoffman
Zach Mitchell
Dean Hefnawy
Matt Mula
Aiden McConnell
FCIAC Championships
Boys Win FCIAC Outdoor Championship;
Girls Capture 4th
A school record; multiple PRs and no meet delays
Stamford Advocate    The Hour  The Daily Westport
Complete Results
All Video
(See race specific links below)
2012 FCIAC Outdoor Track & Field Champions 
Photo credit: Mary Hoffman
hoffmanHoffman(FCIAC Champion 4x1 member) finishing the 200M.
Photo credit: Mary Hoffman
Troelstra sets PR & wins 300HH. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Handoff from Heil to Hobeman on winning 4x100. The FCIAC Champion relay also included Hoffman and Z Mitchell. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Z Mitchell, anchor of the FCIAC Champion 4x1, leads off the 4x400 relay.
Mula clears 13'6" to become FCIAC PV Champion.
Photo credit: Angela Nolan
1600 800
Wynne captures two titles, 1600 and 800, as well as the new
800M school record. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Max Hobeman leaps 19'6" to place 6th in the long jump and later in the meet PRs at 44' 0.5" to win the triple jump. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Schachne captures FCIAC pole vault title.
 Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Competitor/Event Result
Tyler Scanlin/400M Video 2nd/59.00
Alexandra Popkin/800M Video 2nd/2:19.75
Emily Troelstra/100HH Video 4th/16.77
Emily Troelstra/300IH Video 1st/46.00
Girls 4x100
Hartmann, Giannitti, K.Harris,N Lochoff
Video 3rd/51.46
Girls 4x 400
Pokin, Mullen,Troelstra,Scanlin
Video 2nd/4:03.52
Girls 4x800
Mullen, Kursten,Tanzer, E Hefnawy
Elizabeth Knoll/HJ   4th/4-10.00
Bridget Van dorsten/HJ   7th/4-6.00
Lexie Schachne/PV   1st/11-07.00
Misha Strage/TJ 4th/32-07.75
Kelly Harris/TJ   5th/32-00.00
Jasmine Henry/Javelin   6th/86.00.0
David Hoffman/100M Video 3rd/11.32
David Hoffman/200M Video 3rd/23.05
Zach Mitchell/200M Video 4th/23.10
Jon Heil/400 M Video 4th/50.62
Henry Wynne/800M *school record Video 1st/1:53.23
Walker Marsh/ 800M   4th/1:59.78
Henry Wynne/1600M Video 1st/4:14.30
Robert Jacowleff/100HH   8th/18.72
Robert Jacowleff/300IH Video 3rd/42.07
Boys 4 x100
Heil, MHoberman,Hoffman,Z Mitchell
Video 1st/43.99
Boys 4 x 400
Z Mitchell, D Hefnawy,Wynne, Heil
Video 2nd/3:24.34
Boys 4 x 800
K Hoberman, Payne, Elkind, Nolan
Video 5th/8:26.86
Colin Davis/HJ Video 3rd/6-00.00
Ethan Bradeen/HJ   4th/5-10.00
Kyle Smith /HJ   6th/5-08.00
Matt Mula/PV Video 1st/13-06.0J
Dean Hefnawy/PV Video 2nd/13-06.0J
Doug Caffery/PV   5th/11-06.00
Aiden McConnell/PV   7th/11-06.00J
Max Hoberman/LJ Video 6th/19-06.00
Max Hoberman/TJ   1st/44-00.50
Jack Gibson/Shot   5th/44-00.25
Aiden McConnell/Javelin   2nd/161-06
Jonathan Friedman/Javelin   4th/145-07
Tucker Rizzi/Javelin   5th/144-02
Boys v Norwalk and Stamford
Boys finish the dual meet season at 11 - 0;
 win the FCIAC Western Division
Video    Photos
The 100. Photo credit: Mary Hoffman.

Russi and Kulis in the 3200M. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.

C.Davis at the triple jump. Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan.
Girls v Norwalk & Stamford
Girls complete season undefeated 11-0
The Daily Westport      The Westport News
Popkin wins the 800M at the final dual meet of the season.
Photo credit: Mary Hanrahan
Greater Hartford Invitational
Boys Win!!!
Complete Results   Video  News
jon h
Heil anchoring the 4x400.
Photo credit: Mary Hoffman.

Boys 4x1
Heil, M Hoberman, Hoffman, Mitchell
Video 2nd
Max Hoberman/400 video 2nd
Max Hoberman/TJ Video 2nd
Ethan Bradeen/HJ Video 4th
Henry Wynne/800 - set meet record Video 1st
Walker Marsh/800 Video 6th
David Hoffman/200 Video 4th
Jon Heil/200 Video 5th
Boys 4x4
Marsh, Nolan, Wynne, Heil
Video 2nd
Tucker Rizzi /Javelin   6th
Colin Davis/ LJ   6th
Kyle Smith/HJ   6th
Matt Mula/PV Video 2nd

Louck's Games
Complete Results
lexie wins
Lexie wins Pole Vault
Lexie Schachne/Pole Vault MSG Interview 1st/11-9.00

Boys defeat New Canaan & Harding
Photos   Video
Start of the 1600 in New Canaan. Photo credit: Angela Nolan.

Middletown Invitational
JV Results    Varsity Results    Video

Kulis at the finish of 1600. Photo contributed by Angela Nolan.

Boys defeat Danbury & Ridgefield

K. Hoberman runs second leg of winning 4x8 relay,
Photo credit:Mary Hanrahan

Girls beat Danbury & Ridgefield, remain undefeated!!!
On Westport Now... Wreckers Blaze Past Danbury
On The Daily Westport...
Girls Win Division and Inspiration
Pictured(l to r): N Lochoff, Popkin,E Hefnawy,Schachne,Troelstra,
Coach McCray,C.Smith & Lester. Photo credit: R.Schachne.

32nd Annual O'Grady Relays
Complete Results

Irv Black Invitational
Video on Staples Track Videos & CT Track & Field
Complete Day 2
More photos of Irv Black Day 2
hw1 hw2 hw3
Photo credit: Bob Jacowleff.

Jacowleff/110HH video 5th/16.34
Wynne/1600M video 1st/4:14.30
Boys 4x100M
Heil, M Hoberman,Hoffman,Z Mitchell
Video 5th/44.93
Heil/400M video 2nd/50.75
Schachne/PV   1st/11-06.0
McConnell/Javelin   8th/146-01
Z MItchell/200 video 8th/23.28
Kulis/3200 video 5th/9:47.95
M Hoberman/TJ video 4th/43-05.5
D.Hefnawy/PV video 1st/13-06.0
Mula/PV   3rd/12-06.0
D Caffery/PV   7th/12-00.0
Boys 4x400
M Hoberman, Heil, Bonner, Wynne
video 1st/3:28.75
Boys JV 4x400 video 3rd/3:53.82

Complete Day 1 Results
Caroline Smith set school record in 2K Steeple!
2k Steeple
C. Smith in 2K steeplechase.
Marsh leads off winning 4x800R.
Photo credit: Angela Nolan.

Caroline Smith/ 2k Steeplechase   5th/8:17.93
Girls 4x800
Scanlin, E. Hefnawy, Mullen,Popkin
Girls DMR
Boys 4x800
Boys JV 4x800

Girls JV 4x800

Penn Relays
Lexie Schachne vaults 11' 9.75"
2012 Penn Relays
Schachne captures 9th at Penn Relays!

Girls Defeat Trumbull & Cental; start season undefeated.
Scanlin wins the 400M
Photo credit:Mary Hanrahan

Bloomfield Invitational
Girls Place 4th;
 Koenig(3200), Schachne(PV) & Scanlin(800) all win

Boys Defeat Westhill & Bassick @ Home
M. Hoberman in the triple jump
Photo credit:Mary Hanrahan

Boys Defeat Greenwich @ Home
Hefnawy, Z.Mitchell & Hoffman in the 200M
Photo credit:Mary Hanrahan

Girls Open Season With Win @ Greenwich

Troelstra and A.McDonald competing for Staples.
Photo credit:Mary Hanrahan
2013 Outdoor T & F Captains
Boys- Sam Cohen, David Hoffman, Walker Marsh, Patrick Nolan & Henry Wynne
Amanda Giannitti, Kelly Harris, Georgia Kursten, Alexandra O'Kane & Emily Troelstra
Of Interest
Alumni FootNotes
Season Info
Meet Day Essentials
Pre Meet Nutrition
Dual Meets
Boys 5/16
Staples 114, Norwalk 36
Staples 142, Stamford 7

Girls 5/14

Staples 117, Norwalk 25
Staples 118, Stamford 27

Boys 5/8
Staples 102, New Canaan 43
Staples 136, Harding 9

Girls 5/7

Staples 142. Harding 0
Staples  93, New Canaan 52

Boys 5/1
Staples 111.5, Danbury 38.5
Staples 115, Ridgefield 35
Girls 4/30
Staples 85, Danbury 60
Staples 89, Ridgefield 56
Boys 4/24
Staples 105, Trumbull 45
Staples 139, Central 11
Girls 4/23
Staples 140, Central 0
Staples 78, Trumbull 67
Boys 4/10
Staples 127, Westhill 23
Staples 146, Bassick 0
Girls 4/9
Staples 115, Westhill  29
Staples 144, Bassick 12
Boys 4/5
Staples 119, Greenwich 31
Girls 4/4
Complete Results
Staples 85, Greenwich 60
Wreckords & Awards
Block S Co-MVP Outdoor T&F
Max Hoberman
Henry Wynne

Laddie Lawrence Scholarship
Caroline Smith
Kyle Hoberman
Max Hoberman

The Hour All Area Team
Henry Wynne, Dean Hefnawy, Matt Mula, Jon Heil, Max Hoberman, Ethan Bradeen, Aiden McConnell Honarable Mention:Zach Mitchell, David Hoffman, Robert Jacowleff, Kyle Smith
[Online at The Hour]
Lexie Schachne, Tyler Scanlin, Alex Popkin, Emily Troelstra Honorable Mention: Misha Strage, Courtney Mullen
[Online at The Hour]
Thomas DeHuff Award

Jon Heil was given the Thomas DeHuff Award. It is an honor given to a Staples senior who combines "the gifts of the scholar and the spirit of the athlete, with the willingness to try and the desire to share."

All American

Henry Wynne - Mile and SMR
Jon Heil - SMR
David Hoffman - SMR
Zach Mitchell - SMR

all american
Record Setting All American SMR
SMR School Record

The relay team of David Hoffman, Zach Mitchell, Jon Heil and Henry Wynne broke the school SMR by running 3:27.20 at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals.
Scholar Athlete Award Winners

Cross County
David Haswell
Alex Popkin

Zach Mitchell
Lexie Schachne

Aiden McConnell

Two Class LL Records Broken
Lexie Schachne and Henry Wynne put their marks on the CIAC Class LL record book on May 30th. Schachne set a new Class LL pole vault record by clearing 12-00.00. Wynne, edging ever closer to the Staples school record, ran 4:10.35 for 1600M.
Henry Wynne set 800M Record
Rainy conditions at the FCIAC meet did not slow Henry Wynne down as he set a new Staples 800 record, 1:53.23.
Girls 2K Steeplechase Record
Caroline Smith set a new school record by running 8:17.93 for the 2000M Steeplechase at the Irv Black Invitational.

Laddie Lawrence - Head Coach Boys
Jesse McCray - Head Coach Girls
Andrew Lawrence - Assistant Coach
Dan Devore - Assistant Coach
Malcolm Watson - Assistant Coach
Cari Christenson - Assistant Coach
Rachel Martinich - Assistant Coach
Scott Burns - Assistant Coach
Our Seniors
Giles Bonner
Jonathan Friedman
Jack Gibson
Dean Hefnawy
Jon Heil
Kyle Hoberman
Max Hoberman
Mik Kulis
Aiden McConnell
Zach Mitchell
Nina Lochoff
Courtney Mullen
Caitlyn McDonald
Alex Popkin
Lexie Schachne
Caroline Smith
Misha Strage
Sara Wainshall
Girls Boys
Nina Lochoff
Courtney Mullen
Alex Popkin
Lexie Schachne
Caroline Smith
Jon Heil
Dean Hefnawy
Kyle Hoberman
Max Hoberman
Aiden McConnell