Block S
"What Makes a Man Run?
People can't understand why a man runs. They don't see any sport in it. Argue it lacks the sight and thrill of body contact.

Yet, the conflict is there, more raw and challenging than any man versus man competition.

For in running, it is man against himself, the cruelest of opponents. The other runners are not the real enemies. His adversary lies within him, in his ability, with brain and heart to master himself and his emotions."
--Glenn Cunningham, US Olympian
National Indoor Track & Field Championships
Complete Results

Updated! Check out this video of NBIN from
Erin Munley and Caroline O'Kane

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Video thanks to Jeff Mitchell & NBIN
Competitor/Event   Result
Boy's DMR
Peter Elkind, Robert Jacowleff, James Lewis, Oliver Hickson
video 15th/10:26.57
Erica Hefnawy/800M * school record * video 17th/2:17.62
Boys 4x800
James Lewis, Luis Crus, Oliver Hickson, Peter Elkind
video 20th/8:02.45
All Americans!!!    
Girl's DMR - CT & School Record
Erica Hefnawy (1200 - 3:41:00), Olivia Weiner (400 - 1:02.55), Tyler Scanlin (800 - 2:16.08), Hannah DeBalsi (1600 - 4:46.16)
video 3rd/11:45.79
Hannah DiBalsi/2 Mile video 4th/10:17.36
New England Indoor Track & Field Championships
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Photos on MA MileSplit
CT Post   Minuteman
Hannah DeBalsi runs 10:12.95 to win 2 mile at the New England Indoor Championships. Photo credit: Jeff Mitchell
Competitor/Event Result
Girls 4x400M
O Weiner, B Marsh, E Hefnawy, Scanlin
E. Hefnawy/ 1000M  * School Record * 6th/2:55.48
Scanlin / 600M * School Record * video 4th/1:35.02
DeBalsi/2 Mile * Meet & School Record* 1st/ 10:12.95
Boys 4x800
Lewis, Kolbin, Hickson, Elkind
Anthony Bravo/HJ 8th/20'-11.0

CIAC Open Championships
 Girls 2nd; Boys 8th
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Competitor/Event Result
Girls 4x800M 14th/ 10:15.28
E. Hefnawy/ 1000M  * School Record * 4th/3:00.00
Scanlin / 600M 1st/1:36.52
DeBalsi/1600M *School Record * 2nd/ 4:52.57
Girls SMR 2nd / 4:18.83
DeBalsi /3200M  *State Open Record* 1st/10:41.39
Van Dorsten / HJ 4th/5-02.00
Girl's 4x400M 6th/4:08.01
Hickson/3200M 16th/9:58.67
Boy's 4x400M 7th /3:35.00
Boy's SMR 4th/3:46.05
Boy's 4x800 3rd / 8:13.16
Hickson/1600M 4th/4:27.74
Elkind /1000M 5th/2:35.81
Bravo/LJ 6th/20-08.25
Nolan/PV 14th/11.00.00
Jacowleff/HH 7th/8.10

CIAC Class LL Championships
Girls Win First Ever Class LL Indoor Championships!!!
Boys Finish a Strong 3rd
Records Set; PRs Run
Complete Results  Photos(some now and some later)
The Hour: Girls Win  The Hour: CLass LL 
Westport News  Minuteman 
Tyler Scanlin on the way winning the 600M and resetting
the school record to 1:36.24. Photo credit: Angela Nolan

Competitor/Event Result
Bravo/HJ 5th/5-08.00
Boys 4x800 2nd/8:19.22
W. Nolan/PV T5th/11-00.00
Elkind/1000M 2nd/2:35.86
Jacowleff/HH 6th/8.06
Kolbin/600 5th/1:27.88
Hickson/1600 2nd/4:23.28
Boy's SMR 3rd/3:42.83
Bravo/LJ 1st/21-01.50
Boys 4x400 5th/3:36.35
Girls 4x400M 4th/4:11.22
DeBalsi 3200M 
State, Class LL and Staples Record
R.Schachne/HJ J3rd/4-10.00
van Dorsten/HJ J2nd/5-00.00
Girl's SMR 1st/4:20.31
DeBalsi/1600M 2nd/4:56.08
Scanlin/600M  *** School Record *** 1st/1:36.24
E. Hefnawy/1000M 2nd/3:04.37

Coach McCray with assistants, Rachel Martinich and Cari Moore at the CIAC CLass LL meet. Missing: Assistants Amanda Morgan and Scott Burns
Photo credit: E. van Dorsten

FCIAC JV Invitational
Complete Results
FCIAC Championships
Girls 2nd; Boy's 3rd
Complete Results  Photos recap  The Advocate  The Hour 
Westport News   Minuteman
Competitor/Event Result
Scanlin/600M 2nd/1:39.18
E.Hefnawy/1000M   3rd/3:05.66
Girls 4x200
Neckritz, Coogan, G.Wynne,O.Wiener
DeBalsi/1600M   2nd/ 4:55.63
DeBalsi/3200M 2nd/10:30.79
Girl's SMR 
Neckritz,Leider, O.Weiner, Scanlin
van Dorsten/HJ 1st/5-00.00
A. Washington/SP   6th/30-04.50
Girl's 4x400
Bravo/55M  4th/6.81
Jacowleff/300M   5th/37.67
Kolbin/600M   3rd/1:27.53
Elkind/1000M 2nd/2:36.91
Hickson/1600M   1st/4:27.21
Hickson/3200M 6th/9:41.61
Jacowleff/HH 4th/8.00
Boy's 4 x 200
Floyd, Ellinwood, Finley, Robinson
Boys 4 x 400
Jacowleff, Cruz, Elkind, Kolbin
Boy's 4 x 800
McDonald, C.Marsh, Berman, Cruz
Boy's SMR
Floyd, Robinson, Driscoll, Elkind
Bravo/HJ   3rd/6-00.00
van Arsdale/HJ   5th/J5-06.00
W.Nolan/PV   4th/11-00.00
Bravo/LJ   1st/21-01.00
FCIAC Western Division Championship
Girl's win; Boys Second(by 1 point)
DeBalsi, Van Dorsten, HIckson and Jacowleff All Double Winners

DeBalsi Crushes State 3200M record:10:26.76!!!

Photos   Results  
The Hour
Competitor/Event Result
O.Wiener/50M 4th/7.36
Lieder/300M   3rd/45.62
Scanlin/600M   1st/1:40.35
E.Hefnawy/1000M   2nd/3:08.78
Munley 1000M    5th/3:20.75
DeBalsi/1600M   1st/ 5:40.62
K.Smith/1600M   3rd/5:47.89
Parmar/1600M 4th/5:50.28
DeBalsi/3200M **State Record** 1st/10:26.76
Parmar/3200M 4th/12:22.62
Munley/3200M 5th/12:37.47
Girl's 4x800 1st/10:35
Girl's 1600 1st/4:31.88
van Dorsten/HJ 1st/5-00.00
Corde/PV   1st/7-06.00
Levenson/HJ   3rd/6-06.00
van Dorsten/LJ 1st/14-08.25
Bravo/50M  4th/6.35
Jacowleff/300M   1st/38.28
Kolbin/600M   2nd/1:28.85
Elkind/1000M 1st/2:40.65
Lewis/1000M   3rd/2:41.57
Hickson/1600M   1st/4:42.79
B.Foster/1600M   3rd/4:51.05
Hickson/3200M  1st/9:57.05
Berman/3200M   2nd/10:14.39
Harrington/3200M   5th/10:22.09
Jacowleff/HH 1st/7.35
S.Driscoll/HH 5th/8.31
Boy's 4x240   3rd/3:54.26
Boys 4x400   2nd/3:42.27
Boy's 4x800    2nd/9:04.39
Boy's SMR   1st/3:54.26
Bravo/HJ   2nd/J6-00.00
van Arsdale/HJ   4th/J5-08.00
Wick/HJ   5th/J5-04.00
W.Nolan/PV   5th/11-00.00
Jacowleff/LJ   2nd/18-10.25
Ward/SP   1st/42-05.00
Yale Invitational
 Complete Results
Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800 Connecticut 1st/8:07.91
Girls 4x400 Connecticut 4th/4:20.55
Girls 4x800 Connecticut 8th/10:22.80
Boys  4x400 Connecticut 2nd/3:35.46
Boys DMR Connecticut 2nd/11:06.31
Van Dorsten/ HJ J5th/5' 2"
SCC Coaches Invitational
Boys 4th;Girls 13th
Complete Results Boys
Competitor/Event Result
Scanlin/Girls 600 3rd/1:41.16
Girls 4x200/Neckritz, Coogan, G.Wynne, O.Wiener 7th/1:54.01
Girls 4x800/
Tanzer, O'Loughlin,French,B.Marsh
Girls SMR/
Neckritz, Coogan,O.Wiener,Scanlin
Elkind/Boys 1000 6th/2:41.03
Hickson/Boys 1600 4th/4:29.08
Jacowleff /Boys HH 1st/8.13
Boys 4x400/
Kolbin, Lewis, Cruz, Elkind
Bravo/Boys HJ 8th/J5-10.00
Bravo/Boys LJ 4th/20-08.50
2013 Rhode Island Classic
Complete Results

Competitor/Event Result
Girls A 4x200 7th/1:53.84
2013 Hillhouse Winter Relays
Early season success for the boys at Hillhouse.

Competitor/Event Result
Boy's 4x200 1st/1:40.61
Boy's 4x400   1st/3:42.30B
Boy's 4x800   3rd/8:44.68
Boy's Sprint Medley   1st/3:53.17
Boy's Shuttle Hurdles   1st/17.79
Boy's Pole Vault Relay   3rd/17-06.00
12th Annual New Haven Invitational
Girl's Results
Van Dorsten win HJ

Awards From The Banquet
--Boy's Team--
Block S co-MVP
Peter Elkind 
Bobby Jacowleff
Will McDonald 
2015 Captains elect:
Jake Berman
Luis Cruz
Sean Driscoll
Oliver Hickson
--Girl's Team--
Girls Block S Recipients:
Tyler Scanlin MVP,
Hannah DeBalsi, Most Outstanding
Scholar Athlete
Tyler Scanlin
2015 Captains:
Sophia Corde
Erica Hefnawy
Elisabeth French
Elizabeth Knoll
Bridget Van Dorsten
Olivia Wiener

Captains for 2014-15

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DeBalsi ReSets Another Record
Update: At the New England Indoor Chmpionshipd, Hannah DeBalsi broke her school 2 Mile record while shattering the meet record by running 1012.95 for two miles!!!
At the CIAC Class LL Championships, Hannah DeBalsi reset her own Staples and Connecticut State 3200M record with an astounding time of 10:19.26.
Scanlin Breaks Her Own AGAIN
Update: Scanlin ran 1:35.02 for 600M at the New England Championships.
Tyler Scanlin ran 1:36.24 for 600M at the CIAC CLass LL breaking her own school record set last year.
Hefnway crushes her Own Record
After just breaking the 1000M record at the State Open meet, Hefnawy crushed the 1000M record by running 2:55.48.
Three More Records Broken
Erica Hefnawy broke the one year old 1000M record by running 3:00.00 at the CIAC Open Championships. Later in the meet, Hannah DeBalsi broke the Staples 1600M record(4:52.57  ) and the CIAC State Open 3200M record(10:41.39).
Laddie Lawrence- Head Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray - Head Girl's Coach
Tyler Scanlin, Kellen Smithson, Caroline Koenig, and Greer Hardy
Bobby Jacowleff, Peter Elkind,Will McDonald, Jack Scott