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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"
- Pre
Eastern States

Congratulations Paul Chandler who finished 4th in the Pole Vault by clearing 14'-00" at Eastern States Meet at the Armory.
State Open Championships

Chandler wins the PV
Boys 3rd  Girls 14th
Chandler Wins Pole Vault
Henry and Schachne set records
Girls 4x8, Boys 4x4, Ray & Henry qualify for NEs

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Norwalk Hour
Conn Post

Henry shatters the shot put record; qualifies for NEs by taking 3rd in Shot Put & 4th in the Long Jump!

Raphael Ray places 3rd in 600m;qualifies for NEs.

Boys 4x400 finishes 3rd; qualifies for NEs

Girls 4x800 places 6th; qualifies for NEs

Competitor/Event Place/Result
300/Turner Block 14th/43.26
300/Jack Hennessey 8th/36.68
600/Ingrid Johnson 10th/1:40.04
600/Raphael Ray 3rd/1:23.75
Boys 4x200
Hennessey, C Carroll, R.Cross, A Kleigman
14th/ 1:37.52
Girls 4x400
T Block E Driscoll E Hanrahan I Johnson 
Boys 4x400
Heil, Gallagher, Roche, Ray
Girls 4x 800
K. Gould K. Weiler G. Kursten E. Hanrahan
Boys 4x800
Foster,W. Marsh,J.Caffery,S Zorfas
PV Lexie Schachne 8th / 10' - 00"
PV Paul Chandler 1st/14' -0"
PV Eliot Bass NH
SP Joselyn Henry 3rd /37-02.25
LJ Joselyn Henry 4th/17-01.00

Class LL Championships

Girls 4th; Boys 5th
Chandler Wins Pole Vault
Joselyn Henry and SMR set records
Flotrack     Photos      Stamford Advocate
Congratulations to our tri-medalists:
Joselyn Henry
 Ingrid Johnson
Raphael Ray

Competitor/Event Place/Result
300/Turner Block 5th / 42.67
300/Raphael Ray 2nd/36.15
300/Jack Hennessey 5th/36.77
600/Ingrid Johnson 3rd/1:41.54
600/Lucy Parkhurst 18th/1:49.91
600/Raphael Ray 2nd/1:24.58
600/Walker Marsh 13th/1:30.37
600/Jeff Caffery 15th/1:30.60
600/Henry Wynne 22nd/1:31.52
1000/Kylie Gould 25th/3:22.87
1600/Georgia Kursten 10th/5:35.19
1600/Olivia Allen 13th/5:42.92
1600/Judy Feng 17th/5:47.07
1600/Sam Zorfas 17th/4:45.67
3200/Ben Aldrich 13th/10:15.96
3200/Kentaro Higuchi 15th/10:23.06
3200/Jon Foster 16th/10:26.01
55HH/ Robert Cross 5th/8.26
55HH/ Eric Lubin 13th/8.86
Girls 4x200
T.Block, I Claveloux, J Henry, R. Kischner
Boys 4x200
Hennessey, C Carroll,S Gallgher,A Kleigman
Girls 4x400
I Johnson E Hanrahan E Driscoll K Burke
Boys 4x400
Heil, Bass,Roche, Ray
Girls 4x 800
K Gould K Weiler C Smith E Hanrahan
6th/ 10:04.20
Boys 4x800
Foster, Zorfas, Caffery, Roche
Girls SMR
I Johnson, I Claveloux E Driscoll K Burke
HJ Jon Campbell 11th/5-6.00
PV Lexie Schachne 5th 9"-06.00'
PV Paul Chandler 1st/14-00.0
PV Eliot Bass 5th/11-06.00
PV Wes Langham 9th/11-00.00
SP Joselyn Henry 2nd 35-0.05
SP Shannon Connors 10th 29-05.5
SP Devin Graber 5th/45-10.50
LJ Joselyn Henry 3rd 17-00.25

All CIAC Class LL Track and Field Athlete
Paul Chandler

FCIAC Results

Boys 2nd; Ray wins Triple Gold
Paul Chandler sets new PV record
Boys Results
Girls 3rd; I.Johnson & Schachne set new school records
Best Team Finish in over 10 Years
Girls Results
FCIAC Photos
In the News
   Norwalk Hour   CT Post
Here are photos of a few of our many medalists
 from the FCIAC Championships
All FCIAC Athletes
First Team
Sam Zorfas
Jeff Caffery
Chase Tagen
Jack Roche
Raphael Ray
Aaron Kliegman
Jon Heil 
Eliot Bass
Joselyn Henry
Sean Gallagher
Kelly Bohling
Kelly Hussey
Elizabeth Driscoll
Katelyn Burke
 Turner Block
Ingrid Johnson
Devin Graber
Paul Chandler
Second Team
Lexie Schachne
Maeve Flaherty
Emily Hanrahan
Kylie Gould
Kristin Weiler
Caroline Smith
Robert Cross
Jon Foster
Jack Hennessey
Sean Gallagher
Colin Carroll
Aaron Kleigman


Western Division Championships
Boys Win; Girls Second
Congratulations came in from a Staples fan in Nairobi, Kenya;
Girls PV record broken;Girls 4x240 record broken.
Photos Results
Boys Win FCIAC Western Division Title
SCC Invitational
Girls 10th; Boys 15th
Flotrack   Photos
Girls 4x800(Gould, Smith, Weiler, Hanrahan) runs best time of season; places 3rd.
Competitor/Event Place
Girls 4 x 800
K.Gould, , C.Smith, E.Hanrahan, K.Weiler
I. Johnson/600 6th/1:42.50
Raphael Ray/300 3rd/36.25
Girls 4x 200
T. Block, E. Driscoll, I. Claveloux, K.Bohling
W. Langham/PV 3rd/11-06
Yale Invitational
Boys 4x400 wins; Girls 4x200 Shatters Record!

 Day 1 Day 2

Photos Flotrack
Winning 4x400 at Yale(l to r) Gallagher, Bass, Roche, Ray

Competitor/Event Place
Hennessy/300m 5th/36.77
P. Chandler/PV 2nd/ 14'-00
J.Henry/LJ 5th/ 16'-05"
Boys DMR
Tagen, Foster, Zorfas, Aldrich
Boys 4x800
 Zorfas, Roche, Raph Ray, Foster
Girls 4 x 800
 Flaherty, Gould, E.Hanrahan, K.Weiler
Boys 4 x 400
 Gallagher, Bass, Roche, Raph Ray
Girls 4 x 400
 I.Johnson, E.Driscoll, L.Parkhurst, Burke

Hartford Public Invitational
Boys finish 6th; Girls 7th
Complete Results Photos Flotrack
Raphael Ray - 600m winner

Competitor/Event Place
Raphael Ray/600 1st/1:25.41
P. Chandler/PV 1st/13' 0"
E. Bass/PV 4th/12' 0"
Lexie Schachne/PV
(Tying the current school record!)
6th/9' 0"
I.Johnson/600 4th/1:41.79
T.Block/300 6th/43.73
Girls 4 x 800
E.Hanrahan, Weiler, C.Smith, Flaherty
Boys 4 x 400
Gallagher, Foster, Bass,Ray
Girls 4 x 400
T.Block, E.Hanrahan, E.Driscoll, I.Johnson

Over the Break
This vacation two annual events took place...
the Alumni Run and the Annual Alumni vs Varsity Dodgeball game.
annual dodgeball
Dodgeball Participants
Alumni Run
alumni run
A really fun morning for a great reason. Thanks to those who came out on a beautiful December morning to see their old teammates and to support the Laddie Lawrence Scholarship Fund. Laddie announced a new course record of 9:27 set by Jason Hanrahan.
jason hanrahan
Hanrahan at the finish.
Hillhouse Meet Results
A strong early season showing by both teams including a record setting performance by the girls 4x200 and shotputter Joselyn Henry!

Boys Block S -Co Most Valuable
Paul Chandler
phael Ray
Girls Block S - Most Valuable
Joselyn Henry
Girls Block S - Coach's Award
Kylie Gould
Scholar Athlete
Paul Chandler
Kate Burke
Boys Captains 10-11
Ben Aldrich
Sean Gallagher
Kentaro Higuchi
Raphael Ray
Jack Roche
Girls Captains 10-11
Elizabeth Driscoll
Emily Hanrahan
Kelly Hussey
Ingrid Johnson
Norwalk Hour All Area
Raphael Ray
Paul Chandler
Jack Hennessy
Jack Roche
Sean Gallagher
Jon Heil
Joselyn Henry
Ingrid Johnson
Turner Block
Connecticut Post All Star Team
Girls MVP  is Joselyn Henry
Boys Paul Chandler and Raphael Ray were elected to the Connecticut Post Boys Indoor Track[and Field] All-Star Team
Meet Results
State Entries/Results
Class LL
Class L
Class M
Class S
Of Interest
Alumni FootNotes
Season Info
Meet Day Essentials
Pre Meet Nutrition

Wreckords & Awards
9 Year Old 4x4 Record Broken
The relay team of Jon Heil, Sean Gallagher, Jack Roche and Raphael Ray ran 3:25.34 at the NSIC meet to break the elusive boys 4x400 record.
Girls 4x400 Record Shattered

The 4x400 record fell at the NSIC meet as Turner Block, Emily Hanrahan, Maeve Flaherty and Ingrid Johnson ran 4:06.44; breaking the previous record by over 4 seconds.
Henry Breaks Record
Yep she broke the record again... Joselyn Henry's new shot put mark at the NSIC was 11.72m.
Chandler Breaks PV Record

Continuing his onslaught on the record books, Paul Chandler cleared 14' 10.0" in the NSIC
Schachne Set New PV Record
Lexie Schachne cleared  3.2m at the NSIC Meet
Girls SMR Mark Set

Also at the Class LL meet, the relay team of Isabella Claveloux, Elizabeth Driscoll, Ingrid Johnson, Kate Burke ran 4:21.07 to break the two year old SMR record.
Johnson Breaks 1:40 for 600
As the first girl to break 1:40 for 600 meters in Staples history, Ingrid Johnson set a new school record at the FCIAC Championships. Her official time was 1:39.99.
Another 4x240 Record
The 4x240 relay team of T.Block, E. Driscoll, I.Claveloux & K. Bohling broke the existing record by running 2:18.67  at the Western Division Championships
Girls 4x2 Record SHATTERED!
4x200 relay
Record setting relay team T.Block, E. Driscoll, K. Bohling & K.Hussey ran 1:48.70 at Yale
Paul Chandler, Jon Foster, Jack Hennessy, Aaron Kleigman, Sam Zorfas
Katelyn Burke, Kylie Gould, Gabrielle Guetta, Joselyn Henry