Block S
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National Scholastic Indoor Championships
Results on Dyestat
Congratulations to our athletes!!!
Paul Chandler ties for 7th!!! Vaults 4.35(14'-3.25")
Boys 4x400(32nd) runs 3:29.55
Olivia Massey(18th) jumps 17' 5.50"
Joselyn Henry(33rd) jumps 16' 5.75"
Matt Marriott(13th) runs 1:56.0 for 800m
New England Championships
Complete Results
Matt Marriott runs a ridiculously fast 1:20.99 for 600(new school record); Olivia Massey finishes a phenomenal season by placing 2nd in LJ: The boys 4x400 comes up big and runs 3:28.02 to place 3rd!
Matt Marriott ran at the USATF Meet as a member of the winning Connecticut All Star Boys 4x4 Relay.
Their time was 3:16.67.
 State Open Championships

Olivia Massey sets another school record!!!

Event Place/Time
LJ Massey 1st/ 17-10.25*
Event Place/Time

4th/ 13-06.00
10th/ 12-06.00
600 M.Marriott 4th/ 1:21.86
Gat, McCambly, Zorfas, Hart
15th/ 8:37.45
Dan-Udekwe, Ray, Turegano, Marriott
4th/ 3:31.11
 Boys Class LL Results
Event Place/Time
55 Sellon 7.17
Dan-Udekwe 7.27
Kliegman 7.28
Oliva 7.69
300 Marriott 3rd/36.61
Hennessy  5th/37.21
600 Marriott 3rd/1:22.78
1600 Roche 7th/4:45.08
3200 Weller 11th/10:18.43
55 HH Turegano 9th/ 8.54
4x 200
Henry, Kliegman, Hennessy, Sellon
3rd /1:36.72
4x400(meet record)
Dan-Udekwe, Ray, Turegano, Marriott
1st/ 3:29.84
Gat, McCambly, Zorfas, Roche
5th/ 8:27.06
D.Sellon, Kliegman, McCambley, Dan-Udekwe
4th / 3:48.05
PV Paul Chandler 1st/14' 5.0"
Eliott Bass 7th/12' 00"
Girls Class LL  Results
Event Place/Time
1000-Goldemen 10th/3:17.74
Gould 16th/3:21.66
55-Massey 5th/ 7.56
Hussey 7.91
Borom 8.00
Henry 8.00
600-Burke 6th/1:44.71
4x200 6th/1:53.12
4x400 13th 4:32.94
4x800 11th/ 10:47.45
SMR 9th/ 4:37.68
LJ Massey 1st/ 17-07.25
Henry 10th/ 15-03.25
SP Henry 7th 31-10.50
Class LL Championships

Complete Results
Boys Finish Second: Girls 10th
Chandler, Massey, Boys 4x4 all win

Records for all three events. Paul Chandler vaulted 14'5" for a state LL record and I believe a Staples record. Olivia Massey continued her assault on her own Staples record by long jumping 17' 7.25". The 4x4 relay of Dan-Udekwe, Turegano, Ray, Marriott ran 3:29.84 to set a new Class LL record.

FCIAC Championships
Girls 4th;Boys 2nd
Results Girls Boys Photos
Girls FCIAC Results
Event Place/Time
1st/ 17-05.75
Henry 6th/ 15-09.50
PV-Hamm 2nd/
1000-Goldemen 3rd
50-Massey 3rd
600-Burke 4th
 Boys FCIAC Results
Event Place
Hennessy 3rd
1000-M.Marriott 2nd
3200-Weller 6th
Gat, McCambly,
Zorfas, Hart

Dan-Udekwe, Ray,
Turegano, M.Marriott
Silver, Kliegman,
McCambley, Pepin
1600-Roche 3rd
600-Ray 4th
HH-Turegano 4th
SP-C.Coyne 6th
P. Chandler
N. Bass 3rd
DeBussey 4th
Langham 5th
 FCIAC Central Division  
Boys Win Championships
Girls Finish Second
Results Boys Girls
Girls SMR, Hamm and Goldemen win
Girls 4x240 set Staples record - 2:21.12
Boys SMR, 4x2,4x4,4x8, Chandler & Marriott win

Most Valuable
Matt Marriott
Olivia Massey
Block S
Pip Turegano
Betsy Goldemen
Indoor Track Scholar Athlete
Tomer Gat
Nicole LePre


Girls- Katelyn Burke, Kylie Gould, Gabrielle Guetta, Joselyn Henry
Boys- Paul Chandler, Jon Foster, Jack Hennessy, Aaron Kleigman, Sam Zorfas

CIAC Scholar Athlete

The CIAC Scholar-Athlete Program annually recognizes two high school seniors - one boy and one girl - from each member high school whose academic and athletic careers have been exemplary, whose personal standards and achievements are a model to others, and who possess high levels of integrity, self-discipline and courage. We are happy to say that team member, Dan Fishman, will be representing Staples this year.
Season Info
All New England Athletes
Olivia Massey
Obiju Dan-Udekwe
Raphael Ray
Felipe Turegano
Matt Marriott
All State Athletes
Olivia Massey
Paul Chandler
Obiju Dan-Udekwe
Raphael Ray
Felipe Turegano
Matt Marriott
All FCIAC Athletes
Olivia Massey
Paul Chandler
Obiju Dan-Udekwe
Raphael Ray
Felipe Turegano
Matt Marriott
Meet Results
Staples Fieldhouse
December 20th AM PM
January 10th AM Boys & Girls
January 17th AM Boys Girls
January 17th PM Boys Girls
January 24th AM Boys Girls
January 31st Central Div Boys Girls
January 31st Western Div Boys Girls
FCIACs Girls Boys

Wreckords & Awards
Boys' Outdoor Records
Girls' Outdoor Records
Boys' Indoor Records
Girls' Indoor Records
Per Haarr Memorial Relay Records
Lawrence Scholarship/Alumni Run
Scholar Athlete Award Winners
Girls Records
A new relay record, 2:21.12, was set by Borom, Keyes, Hussey & Burke
   at the Central Division Championships.
Long Jump
Olivia Massey continued her assault on her own Staples record by long jumping 17' 10.25" at State Opens
Shot Put
Joselyn Henry set a new shot put record, 33'-4.0", at the Hillhouse Relays.
Boys Records
The 4x400 relay of Dan-Udekwe, Turegano, Ray and Marriott set a new CIAC Class LL record of 3:29.84.
Pole Vault
Paul Chandler tied and then broke the Staples and Class LL pole vault records at the CIAC Class LL meet. His new record is 14' 5"!!!
Matt Marriott set a new school 600 record, 1:20.99, at the New England Championships.
Boys - Laddie Lawrence
Girls - Jesse McCray
Assistants - Kristin Simonsen, Amanda Parrish, Andrew Lawrence, Dan Devore, Sarah Tasber

Adam Edelman,Tomer Gat, Matt Marriott, Will McCambley, Sam Weller

Danielle Borom, Alex Claveloux, Kelly Coyne, Betsy Goldemen, Erica Keyes, Olivia Massey

Senior Boys
John Oppenheimer
Daniel  Chow
Will McCambley
Kyle DeBussey
Adam Edelman
Mitchell Feinberg
Daniel  Fishman
Tomer Gat
Robert "JJ" Goddu
Jack Hart
 Joshua Henry
 Matt Marriott
 David Mortner
 Joseph Pepin
 Daniel  Sellon
 Felipe  Turegano
 Sam  Weller Charles  Winslow Obiju  Dan-Udekwe

Senior Girls
Alex Claveloux
Danielle Borom
Danielle Feder
Christina Burner
Olivia Massey
Kelly Coyne
Betsy Goldemen
Rikki Smolen
Nicole Lepre
Erica Keyes
Lizzie Leonard
Jen Jahn
Sarah Hamm