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Q. How do I join the team email?
Enter your information on the front page of the website.

Q. How do I get directions to the meet?
To local/FCIAC meets, use the CIAC schedule page or Staples Athletics on the SHS website. To invitationals, use directions on the invitational meet's website...and use this site.
Q. How do I find out when my runner is competing?
There are a lot of factors involved in this...first, ask your athlete! They usually have a general idea.
- Dual meets(usually take place Monday thru Friday) have a specific race/event order. This order of events for dual meets is the same for each meet. When the meet starts and how many entries there are in each event affect the timing of each meet. For example, one week the meet can start at 4 pm and the next week a school bus transporting a team is stuck in traffic so the meet starts at 4:20 pm. Another factor is that some schools have lots of competitors at a particular distance. If the meet has to hold two heats of the 1600m, it will take more time than if they only have one.
- Invitational meets that involve a lot of competitors usually have a schedule based on time. This schedule can be found on their website.

Q. Is my runner allowed to wear spikes on the Staples outdoor track?

Q. What does FCIAC stand for?
A sports conference in our county,
There are three divisions: west, central and east. See the front page of this website for the FCIAC website link.

Q. Where can I find results for the meets?
Check the following links on the home page:
Northeast Timing, Club CT, My Sports Results ... Or ask your runner ...they will get results from their coach.

Q. Where can I buy running gear?
Locally, there are a few retailers
Runners Roost in Darien
ASF Sports and Outdoors in Westport
Nike in downtown Westport

Online retailers

Q. Are all outdoor tracks the same size?
A. Yes ...although some ovals are tighter than others.

Q. Will there be an end of season banquet?
Yes, there is always an end of season event. Check with your team captains and coach for details.

Q. Is my athlete competing at Staples or going to the invitational meet at another location?
While most athletes compete weekly for Staples at dual meets, some who have met specific qualifying standards may attend  invitationals.  Ask your son or daughter for details. Also see the question on qualifying standards.

Q. What are qualifying standards?
All invitational and championship meets have requirements/standards for participation in running(based on time) and field(based on height or distance) events. These standards vary depending on the meet. There are opportunities to qualify for these meets weekly by competing for Staples at dual meets. Even if your athlete does not qualify for these post season meets, they should continue to attend practice. It will pay off for them eventually. For example, technical events and distance events take many, many hours (weeks, days, years) of practice before results are seen.

Q. Where can I find out my runner's finishing time?
If your runner did not receive/hear their time at the end of the meet, the results are available from their coach the following day. For some FCIAC meets, check My Sports Results. Invitationals usually post their results on their meet website.

Q. How do I find out if a meet is cancelled?
This rarely happens! There are two options: Check with the CIAC website or the Invitational's website. ***Be sure to sign up for the cancellation notification process thru the CIAC website. As soon as a meet is cancelled or the start time is altered, the CIAC site will notify you.