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" Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful"
Joahua J. Marine
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4th New England Championships, Boston
10th New Balance Indoor Nationals, The Armory
11th New Balance Indoor Nationals, The Armory
12th New Balance Indoor Nationals, The Armory
19th Team Banquet

CIAC Championships

FLAC at Hillhouse
Boys Tie for 2nd

2017 CIAC Runner Up Photo Credit: B.Walters
Competitor/Event Result
E.McCambley/3200 10th/11:34.68
C.Myers/1000 16th/2:43.24
Larkin/300 10th/37.04
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:23.46
Ahmad/3200 ***school record*** 2nd/9:16.46
Harrington/3200 9th/9:47.85
Landowne/3200 16th/10:15.12
Boys 4x400 8th/3:34.92
Boys 4x800 1st/8:11.43
Strouse/SP 5th/48-00.00

CIAC 4x8 Championship Relay:
(l to r) Lorenz, Seiple, MacCordy & Ahmad
Photo Credit: B.Walters/StaplesRunning

Class LL Championships

Boys 4th
Competitor/Event Result
Larkin/300 5th/36.85
C.Myers/1000 4th/2:42.94
Ahmad/1600 *champion* 1st/4:23.50
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:23.81
Ahmad/3200 3rd/9:34.81
Boys 4x400 4th/3:35.19
Boys 4x800 2nd/8:18.25
Strouse/SP 5th/45-9.25
Boys SMR 6th/3:51.15

Milrose Games

Staples Goes to The Armory
Ahmad 6th in High School Boys Mile
Interview with Zak
Wynne 7th in Wanamaker Mile
Interview with Henry(conducted by Zak)
Results  Photos

Zak Ahmad, Laddie & Henry Wynne  Photo Credit: B.Walters


Armory Invitational

NY Armory
Staples School Record Set!!!
Staples second at Armory with 7:54.37
Splits: Will Landowne - 1:59.19 Ben Seiple - 2:00.28 Brian MacCordy - 1:59.95 Zak Ahmad - 1:54.94

Record Setting Relay Team
Photo Credit: W.MacCordy/STaplesRunning

FCIAC JV Invitational

Staples Fieldhouse

FCIAC Championships

Hillhouse HS/FLAC
Boys 2nd;Girls 13th

If I left your name off, misspelled it
or didn't record your result correctly, let me know.

Competitor/Event Result
Larkin/300 3rd/36.74
MacCordy/600 4th/1:27.62
Wick/600 5th/1:27.96
Ahmad/1600 *champion* 1st/4:22.13
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:23.13
Seiple/1600 4th/4:26.27
Ahmad/3200 2nd/9:37.63
Landowne/3200 5th/9:53.57
Boys 4x200 5th/1:36.75
Boys 4x400 2nd/3:33.01
Boys 4x800 2nd/8:23.31
Ellis/HJ 4th/5-08.00
Motyl/PV 6th/10-00.00
Strouse/SP 3rd/46-11.25
Competitor/Event Result
McCambley,E./3200   6th/11:43.56
Girls 4x200 6th/1:53.84
Fernandez/HJ 5th/4-10.00
Coogan/LJ 6th/15-00.00

FCIAC Western Division Championships

Staples Boys 2nd; Girls 4th
On to the FCIAC Championships
Complete/Live Results

If I left your name off, misspelled it
or didn't record your result correctly, let me know.

Competitor/Event Result
Strouse/SP *champion* 1st/ 44-08.5
Fenstermacher/SP   5th/36-04.00
Boys 4x240  2nd/1:59.51
Boys 4x800  2nd/8:46.9
Ahmad/1000M 2nd/2:40.08
Landowne/1000M 3rd/2:40.55
Myers,C/1000M 5th/2:44.14
MacCordy/600M 4th/1:29.16
Autard/600M 5th/1:30.81
Wick/600M 6th/1:31.13
Ellis/HJ 2nd/5-10.00
Boys SMR 3rd/4:00.96
Ahmad/1600M *champion* 1st/4:33.45
Landowne/1600M 2nd/4:33.65
Seiple/1600M 4th/4:36.87
Harrington/3200 *champion* 1st/10:08.92
Ahmad/3200 2nd/10:09.10
Landowne/3200 3rd/10:09.11
Seiple/3200 5th/10:15.80
Boys 4x400 *champion* 1st/3:38.60
Competitor/Event Result
Motyl/PV 6th/9-00.0
Larkin/300 3rd/38.15
Martin/1600M 5th/5:38.82
Girls 4x240 2nd/2:21.73
Girls 4x800 3rd/10:44.97
Fernandez/HJ 3rd/J4-10.00
Terrio/PV   4th/6-00
Bartie/SP   5th/30-01.00
Coogan/LJ 3rd/15-00.25
Fernadez/LJ 4th/14-09.25
Neckritz,A/LJ 6th/14-06.25
Girls SMR 3rd/4:38.40
McCambly, E/3200 2nd/12:05.13
Martin/3200 3rd/12:14.10
Foster/HH 3rd/9.31
Girls 4x400 4th/4:28.97

SCC Coaches Invitational

Floyd Little AC, Hillhouse HS
 Complete Results
Competitor/Event Result
Girls 4x200
Girls 4x800
Larkin/300M 2nd/36.76
Lorenz/1600M 6th/4:40.24
Ellis/HJ 2nd/5-10.00

Yale Scholastic

Coxe Cage
Boys 4x8  Wins CT Division; Boys DMR 3rd
Day 1 Results
Day 2 Results

Zak Ahmad sets Staples 3000 Record

 Start of the Boys 4x800(1st place) Photo Credit: B.Walters/StaplesRunning

Competitor/Event Result
Boys 4x800
1st / 8:00.36
Boys DMR
3rd /11:14.18
Ahmad/3000 3rd/8:32.11
Boys 4x400
Autard, Ahmad, Wick,MacCordy

Dartmouth Relays

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
Complete Results

Hillhouse Winter Relays

Floyd Little Center, New haven
Complete Meet Results
Boys take 4th with wins by DMR and 4x4

Marine Corps Classic

The Armory, New York
Complete Results

Nike Cross Nationals

Glendoveer Golf Course, Portland OR
 Boys finish 22nd to cap off a GREAT season
Full Results



New Englands
March 4th
10:30 AM Field
11:00 AM Running

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Another Ahmad Record

Zak Ahmad ran 9:16.46 breaking the 3200M record that was set by Mark Young in 1975. Yup it was an old one and it was shattered.

Boys 3000 Record Set
Zak Ahmad set the Staples Boys 3K record at the Yale Scholastic Invitational by running a time of 8:32.11.

Boys 4x800 Set at Armory
The relay team of Will Landowne(1:59.19). Ben Seiple(2:00.28), Brian MacCordy(1:59.95), Zak Ahmad(1:54.94)placed second with 7:54.37 for a new school 4x800 record.

Laddie Lawrence-Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray- Girl's Coach
Ivy Prince
Katherine Coogan
Grace Foster
Susie Martin
Sarah Neckritz
Samantha Little
Zakeer Ahmad
Brandon Harrington
Brian MacCordy
Connor Teran
Wesley Zielke