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" We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."
~ Jesse Owens
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Record Setting, All American Boys 4x Mile

All American 4xMile Relay finished 4th in a school record setting time of 17.35.15. Pictured (l to r) Luke Lorenz, Ben Seiple, Will Landowne & Christian Myers Photo Credit: K.Myers

New England Championships

Landowne Wins Mile
Competitor/Event  Results
Landowne/MIle 1st/4:12.49
Boys 4x800(Lorenz, Green, C.Myers,Seiple) 7th/8:08.33
Ellis/HJ 3rd/6-05.00

Landowne winning the mile with a PR of 4:12.49
Photo Credit:

CIAC Open Championships

Boys 4th
Competitor/Event  Results
Landowne/1000 2nd/2:31.79
Landowne/1600 2nd/4:17.28
Seiple/3200 7th/9:26.92
C.Myers /3200 9th/9:38.44
Boys 4x800(Lorenz, Wright, Green, C.Myers) 7th/8:18.30
Ellis/HJ 2nd/6-06.00

Class LL Meet

Ellis and Landowne Lead Boys to 2nd
Results Photos
Competitor/Event  Results
Robins/55 20th/7.95
Greenberg/1600 21st/5:48.95
E.McCambley/3200 10th/12:04.46
Girls 4x100(Neckritz,Robins,Marino,Lesher) 12th/1:53.2
Girls 4x800(Hill,Ahmad,McCambley,Greenberg) 14th/ 10:44.59
Neckritz /LJ 14th/14-07.75
Symonette /SP 26th/25-05.25
Parimal/600 13th/1:32.09
Landowne/1000 1st/2:31.51
Landowne/1600 1st/4:22.03
Zuckerman/1600 12th/ 4:40.55
J.Lorenz/1600 15/4:41.54
Seiple/3200 5th/9:36.49
C.Myers /3200 6th/9:38.03
Fierro/3200 15th/10:05.73
Taubenheim/3200 16th/10:09.48
Green/3200 23rd/10:20.48
Boys 4x400 Cua,Wright,L.Lorenz,Landowne 9th/3:41.26
Boys 4x800(Wright, Green, C.Myers, Seiple) 4th/8:13.57
Boys SMR(Cua, Wick, Wright, Van Spaendonck) 11th/3:53.13
Ellis/HJ 1st/6-04.00
Ellis/LJ 14th/19-06.00
Motyl/PV 13th/10-06.00
Burg/PV NH
Gladstone/SP 8th/42-03.00
Krawiec/SP   20th/38-07.25
Hall/SP 21st/38-04.50
Almansi/SP 23rd/37-09.00
Caplan/SP 28th/36-01.50

JV/Last Chance Invitational

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FCIAC Championship

Boys 3rd; Girls 13th
 Complete Results
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Competitor/Event  Results
Girls 4x200(Neckritz,Robins,Marino,Lesher) 6th
Symonette/SP 5th
I Fernandez/HJ 5th
Ellis/HJ *meet record* 1st/6-06.00
Boys SMR 5th
Boys 4x800 2nd
C.Myers/3200 3rd
Landowne/1600 1st
C.Myers/1600 3rd
Landowne/1000 1st
T Wright/1000 6th
Van Spaendonck/600 6th

FCIAC Western Division

Girls 5th; Boys 2nd
 Complete Results
Competitor/Event  Results
A.HIll/1000M  5th/3:30.03
T.Greenberg/1600 6th/5:55.62
E. McCambley/3200   3rd/12:39.58
Girls 4x400 3rd/4:39.92
Blau/SP 7th/ 25-07.50
I Fernandez/HJ T7th/4-08.00
Ellis/LJ 4th/19-08.25 
McGeehan/LJ 6th/ 18-00.75
Burg / PV T5th/9-00.00
Ellis/HJ 1st/6-04.00
Glennon/HJ  8th/5.00-00
Gladstone/SP 2nd/44-07.50
R.Hall/SP 5th/39-09.50
Almansi/SP 7th/37-01.00
Caplan/SP   8th/36-03.50 
Boys SMR 2nd/4:03.57
Boys 4x800 2nd/8:52.94a
Boys 4x400 2nd/3:45.35
C.Myers/3200 1st/10:04.83
Taubenheim/3200 3rd/10:15.36
Fierro/3200 6th/10:28.65
Green/3200 7th/10:28.73
Landowne/1600 1st/4:43.31
C.Myers/1600 2nd/4:44.37
J.Lorenz/1600 4th/4:48.74
Landowne/1000 1st/2:37.76
T.O'Kane 4th/2:54.19
T Wright/600 3rd/ 1:31.57
Van Spaendonck/600 4th/1:32.88
Parimal/600   6th/1:35.43
Birns/300   7th/40.24
McGeehan/50   6th/6.61

Yale Invitational

Boys 4x800 & Landowne Win; Ellis 2nd in HJ
Complete Results

Competitor/Event  Results
Boys 4x800M 1st/8:03.13
Ellis/HJ 2nd/6-5.00
Landowne/3000 1st/8:33.81
Seiple/3000 8th/8:47.47
Boys DMR 7th/11:40.59
Boys 4x400 7th/3:43.12

SCC Coaches Invitational

  Staples Boys Win

Photo Credit: F.Cua/Edit:StaplesRunning
Competitor/Event  Results
Fernandez, I/HJ 7th/4-10
Lorenz,L/1000 5th/2:39.21
Myers, C/1000 7th/2:40.92
Seiple/3200 3rd/9:45.42
Boys 4x400 4th/3:42.55
Boys 4x800 3rd/8:27.22
Boys SMR 5th/3:46.06
Ellis/HJ   * Champion * 1st/6-04.00

Hall of Fame Classic

Girls Compete At The Armory
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Boys 4x Mile
At NBIN, SeipleL. Lorenz, Myers, & Landowne crushed the 2013 4 x Mile record by running 17:35.15, erasing the previous mark by a full minute.

Laddie Lawrence-Boy's Coach
Jesse McCray-Girl's Coach
India Fernandez
Molly Mahoney
Amanda Neckritz
Leah Robins
Brandon Cua
Sunil Green
Will Landowne
Christian Myers
Ben Seiple